Scientific Program

Friday, April 5, 2019

Moderation: A. du Bois, L. Chiva, B. Monk
Ovarian Cancer and Sarcomas
Surgeons: R. Chekerov, C. Fotopoulou, M. Z. Muallem, G. Scambia, J. Sehouli

during Live Surgery:
The Most Challenging Case of the Year
G. Inci

Lunch Break


Chair: L. Chiva, W. A. Cliby

HIPEC: Hype or Hope?
C. Fotopoulou

Pro/Con: Surgery in Relapsed Ovarian Cancer
Pro: A. du Bois
Con: T. Herzog

Role of Lymph Node Dissection in Early, Low and High Grade Ovarian Cancer
W. A. Cliby

Role of Lymph Node Dissection in Advanced Ovarian Cancer
J. Sehouli

Prediction of Surgical Outcome: Tumor Biology vs. Surgical Skills
E. I. Braicu

Coffee Break

Chair: A. González Martín, J. Sehouli

PARP Therapies: Who are the Best Candidates and Who Not?
J. Ledermann

Role of Antiangiogenesis inGynecological Malignancies: Who are the Best Candidates and Who Not?
S. Pignata

Low Grade Ovarian Cancer: Best Medical Treatment
B. Monk

Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancer: How to Optimize the Benefits
O. Dorigo

New Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer and Gynecological Cancers: Prevention and Management of Complication
K. Pietzner

Similarities and Differences of Asian and Non-Asian Gynecological Cancer Patients
K. Fujiwara

End of program

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