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Scientific Program

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Chair: T. Herzog, A. Poveda, J. Sehouli

How to Motivate Patients for Clinical Trials
J. Sehouli

What are the Best Designs for Clinical Trials with Targeted Therapies?
M. Bookman

How to Interpret Data Trials in Rare Tumors
M. Seckl

Current and Future Aspects in Cervical Screening
The Turkish Experience: M. Gultekin
Global Perspectives: A. Kaufmann

Coffee Break


Block I: Tailored Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
Chair: E. I. Braicu, N. Concin

Early Stages: Is There a Signature that Can Predict Relapse?
M. Birrer, H. Kulbe

Can we Predict Response to Anti-Angiogenetic Drugs?
C. Gourley

Understanding PARPi Sensitivity or Addressing Platinum Sensitivity
A. E. Wahner-Hendrickson

Is there a Signature for Long-Term Survival with Ovarian Cancer?
H. Woopen

Lunch Break + Poster Session

Block II: Evidence Based and Personalized Medicine – Complementary Approaches?
Chair: C. Kolberg-Liedtke, C. Gourley

Chances and Limits of Next Generation Sequencing for Treatment Decision
M. Hummel

What are the Clinical Consequences of Tumor Profiling in Gynecological Oncology?
R. Chekerov

Early Recognition of Therapy Resistance by Patient Reported Outcome
M. Karsten

Role of PARP Therapies in Breast Cancer
D. Speiser

Modifiers of Endocrine Resistance like CDK4/6 and PiK3CA Inhibitors: Who Benefits?
J.-U. Blohmer

The Microbiome in Prediction of Cancer Therapy Response
J. Grabowski

Closing Session
Presentation of the Three Best Posters Closing Words and Farewell
J.-U. Blohmer, W. A. Cliby, J. Sehouli

9.00 am to 11.00 am · parallel to main program


The Current Aspects of Cervical Cancer Therapy

Early Cervical Cancer: How to Modify the Radicality?
R. Querleu

A Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping Algorithm
N. R. Abu Rustum

Nerve Sparing Radical Hysterectomy: Why? And Who are the Candidates?
M. Z. Muallem

limited number of participants · extra charge · only in combination with a conference ticket

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