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Scientific Program

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Welcome Address of the Hosts
J.-U. Blohmer, W. A. Cliby, J. Sehouli

Moderation: J. Heil, S. Paepke
Reduction Techniques, Lipofilling Techniques, Surgery of Lymphedema, Microanastomoses, Implant Based Reconstruction
Surgeons: J.-U. Blohmer, O. Camara, S. Kümmel, R. Maatouk, C. Kolberg-Liedtke

Lunch Break

Welcome Address
Prof. Dr. med. Axel Radlach Pries, MD
Dean, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin


Chair: U. Keilholz

Keynote Lecture: Outlook in the Therapy of Breast Cancer from a Translational Scientist’s Point of View
A. Lee

Chair: O. Camara, S. Paepke

Locoregional Management of the Breast After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
J. Heil

How to Avoid the Jumping Breast Phenomenon After Implant Reconstruction
S. Kümmel

Reduction of Capsular Fibrosis Rate Using Meshes and Acellular Dermal Matrices?
J.-U. Blohmer

Conservative Techniques for Treatment of Postoperative Lymphedema
A. Reißhauer

Surgical Techniques for Treatment of Postoperative Lymphedema
O. Camara

Coffee Break

Chair: J.-U. Blohmer, C. Kolberg-Liedtke

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy – Why, When and How?
L. Pusztai

Therapy of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
C. Kolberg-Liedtke

Updates on Mechanisms of Endocrine Resistance
S. Oesterreich

How to Avoid Adjuvant Over- or Undertherapy Using Molecular Tests
O. Gluz

Overcoming Endocrine Resistance in Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer
M. Liu

Breast Cancer and Diabetes Mellitus
N. V. Ivanov

Case Discussions i.a. on Biosimilars, Therapy Resistance, Immunology
V. Kiver, M. Schubert, G. von Waldenfels

End of program

4.00 pm to 6.00 pm · parallel to main program


Preoperative Management, Surgical, Anesthesiological and Perioperative Management, Surgical Techniques, ERAS and More

ERAS, Prehabilitation
M. Körber, R. Armbrust

Opiate Reduction Perioperative/Opiate Crises
S. C. Dowdy

Indication, Contraindication, Techniques
J. Sehouli

Cytoreductive Surgery, Middle and Lower Abdomen
W. A. Cliby

Cytoreductive Surgery, Upper Abdomen
C. Fotopoulou

limited number of participants · extra charge · only in combination with a conference ticket

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